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App Design, Narrative & Storytelling • Personal • 2013—2014

InMotion was my final year University project based on using motion to drive immersive narratives. I chose to do a comic based on a set of characters already in mind and using the iPad as the device.

Motion to Pixel

Using the accelerometer and gyroscope present in many smartphones and tablets, I chose to create a parallax effect on the scenery letting you explore further than a traditional comic. Enabling this kind of interaction will let you see behind objects that weren't presently there.

Image showing 3-axis on an iPad with another iPad showing 2-axis

For every degree you turn on the iPad, this data gets translated into the amount of pixels a piece of scenery needs to move.

For instance, if you tilt the iPad towards the left, then the layers of the comic move to the left in varying amounts giving it a 3-dimensional look.


I looked into more 'direct' forms of interaction using the accelerometer. One of the ways is shaking the iPad, allows you to find hidden narratives. Shaking being a metaphor to discover if something is hidden (as if shaking contents of a box).

In doing so, the comic highlights points of interest. In the image below, a hidden dialogue can be shown.

Image showing the hidden dialogue feature after a user has shaken the iPad


I made a short video to show how InMotion works as part of the module submission. I recommend seeing it so you can get an idea of how the parallax works.